Ryan Hawkinson

Applied Psychology In A Digital World

Digital experience plays a massive role in the production of our lives as well as the livelihood of a strong organization. As a professional, I love playing around with psychology + technology and building their impact on the world. 

Quick Overview


The undersatanding people’s minds and why people do what they do. The experience of life is deeply tied to the people creating it. My passion for psychology allows me to understand the deeply rooted why. Understanding the why in a situation opens powerful doors to build and apply a strategy.


A powerful tool assisting everyone to get things done and make things happen. I love discovering new technologies and applying them to personal and business situations.


The ultimate game with real rewards. A strong strategy with proper implementration can make significant changes for a person and an organization. Strategy is my way to express the combination and patterns I see in various fields; while applying methodologies to reach a desired result.

About Me

Hello, I am Ryan Hawkinson, a professional focused on psychology and technology in a digital world. I have an understanding of business strategy, neurosciences, computer sciences, and psychology. At least professionally. I am an avid learner and always seek to know more.


I am focused on finding ways to use technology strategy to better society. Technology is a fantastic stepping stone to offer people deep insights into themselves and a business. This opens the door to allowing society to move towards incredible feats. 


Use technology and experience design to empower people to fulfill their dreams and empower companies to reach their desired impact.