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In its current state, Nug Mountain is about helping people find the CBD that is right for them. It allows people to find CBD products of various types from across the web. This way, people can find products that work for them in multiple areas. In a previous version, Nug Mountain allowed CBD companies to sell CBD products and publish blog posts to get their name out.

In a way, the digital experience is similar to Amazon. However, it had the added benefit of SEO. By allowing companies to release content around their brand, they can build relationships with their clients. Then clients can get to know the CBD manufacturer outside of just products.

Nug Mountain has other potential strategies that could unfold with the name and identity. The first is that Nug Mountain could be connected with a backend fulfillment strategy. This strategy would make it easier for companies to fulfill local orders. It would require specialized licensing from the brands. But at the end of the day, it could help those companies distribute physical products in places normally out of reach.

The other side of Nug Mountain is that it could also be connected to an IP similar to South Park. However, outside of a cartoon and video games, other products could also be offered. In addition, IP could be facilitated in a way as to make an interesting impact on the way people consume media across delivery methods. Essentially, stories could be architected that reach users across platforms and subscriptions.

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