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Digital Experience | Bonus Pillar 5 Getting Started | Lesson 2 The Company Outcome

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Learn about the company’s desired outcome and impact on a digital experience.

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So let’s take a look at the company and what that means for building a digital experience in regards to where to get started. So the first thing is just in general, what does the company want to accomplish with the digital experience? Are you trying to revamp different business processes? Are there other things that are in play within the company that are digital? Experience would allow to fix or to move faster, you know, but essentially knowing where the company wants to go. This can also prevent you from just getting a bunch of different softwares and can help you pick things that would be the right fit for the digital experience. So that way you’re not just going out there and trying everything. The other thing you want to understand is what resources does the company have for the digital experience. You don’t want to go and set up or try and get. Excited about some piece of software just to understand that it might be, you know, millions of dollars to have it turned on. So you want to know what kinds of resources you have available and how those resources can help you with your digital experience. And then understanding what the company’s overall objectives are in general. Because you don’t want to just get software because of the sake of software. You want to make sure that the software that you’re getting is helping the company reach the goals that it wants to reach. You want to make sure that there’s an actual need for it, and the more of a need that you can find and get the best fit to solve. That need means that you can build a quality digital experience that is also using the right resource allocation. So the last thing you want to do is just go out for something that doesn’t quite meet the goals of the company, and then not only are you paying for something you don’t need, but you might be moving parts of the company in a different direction now in the next part. We’re going to get a little bit smaller and we’ll look at the business units and what that means for building out a digital experience.

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