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5 Step Personal Branding and SEO Action Plan

Creating a memorable personal brand is not something that happens overnight, but the work you put into building your brand can help you reach great career or business goals, especially in a busy digital world.

Estimated Time: 2 Hours
Estimated Cost: $100

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Creating a memorable personal brand is not something that happens overnight, but the work you put in building your personal brand can help you reach great career or business goals especially in a busy digital world.

Your personal brand is your digital billboard to the outside world. It’s what you are known for. Having a personal brand gives you a place to show the world the skills you have and all you have accomplished. Plus, you get to learn new skills that keep you updated with changes in the digital world.

These days, the internet provides an amazing avenue to grow your personal brand. With SEO for personal branding, you get to put power behind your personal brand. Building content shows who you are while reaching people all over the world. Personal branding and SEO if done with some strategy can even lead to ways of making an additional income or getting speaking opportunities.

The work you put into your personal brand compounds over time. Outside of speaking engagements, the skills you learn while working on your personal brand can keep you updated with the times. If you are looking to stay competitive in the market or need to bootstrap, a personal brand can be a super valuable investment over time!

As you share your accomplishments and values, you bond with your audience. Over time your personal branding and SEO gathers an audience who knows your highlights. This can lead to unexpected connections and opportunities. If you want to know how to brand yourself follow the action plan below.

Personal Branding Action Plan:

1. Share your story.

Stories are an amazing way to connect with your audience. Sharing your story is about sharing your accomplishments and what it was like to get there. When it comes to SEO and personal branding, your life gives you plenty of content. For example, as you gain new certificates, you can build how-to guides on the things you learn. Or video reflections on the steps you took to get there.

2. Define your unique value.

Define who you want to be and the value you will bring to your audience. Not only can this help you with SEO marketing and your personal branding.  It also allows your audience to know what to expect when they interact with you. Over time this becomes your brand promise. You can use this to expand your audience and even earn an income.

3. Research.

Now that you know your brand promise, find your audience and what they are interested in. You want to understand where your audience goes to learn about the things you are interested in. Learn how they consume the content presented in those places. Understand what it is like to use those resources and why your audience goes to those places. You can then use this knowledge to build content your audience will love. Not to mention, over time your SEO and personal branding can become just as valuable an asset as the places you are learning from.

Here are some questions to help you in understanding your audience and how you want to relate:

  • Who do you want to impact? Who do you want to receive your message?
  • Which brands in your industry does your audience follow?
  • What words or phrases will you use?
  • Take some time to understand traits about yourself that others admire and stand out. There is a great chance these same traits will stand out to your audience as well.

4. Build your online presence.

With everything else done it is time to build your presence online. This is when you start building the digital experience for your audience. These digital processes allow you to gain ground in the digital world. They build your SEO and personal branding.


This is the main location of who you are. This is where you may publish blog posts, a form to contact you, information about who you are, and the highlights of your accomplishments. As your personal brand grows you can use your website to sell products. If you do monetize your website, do so in a way that aligns with your audience.

Social Media Platforms.

This is where you get to share your voice. As you post content on these platforms, make sure you link it back to your audience. This can help you with SEO marketing and getting traffic to your website. When it comes to using social media don’t be afraid to connect with your audience. This will help you not only connect but learn what they are looking for.

Setting up an email funnel can be a great way of connecting with your audience. You can keep them updated every time your blog or host an event. With email automation, you can even set up pre-built interactions for your followers. This can help your audience get to know you better but also allow you to scale your brand.

The personal details.

Personalizing as much as you can gives your brand a professional look. Using images of you on your website and in blog posts not only adds a great touch but is also good for personal branding SEO. It helps you show your uniqueness and authority. So, make sure to personalize your website, emails, and social media.

5. Think long-term.

Building a personal brand does take time and work. But over time the results can be very worthwhile. Your personal branding and SEO can give you additional income or open new opportunities as people look for answers to their problems. Your time builds an asset that can take your career or business to amazing heights.

Personal branding can be a great way of reaching new goals. There are ways to get started with little to no investment. However, you may find the investment over time to be an amazing advantage.

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