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ISO/IEC 27018

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ISO/IEC 27018 Compliance: Protecting Personal Data in Cloud Services

ISO/IEC 27018 compliance refers to the adherence of software applications or systems to the standards and requirements outlined in the ISO/IEC 27018 standard. This international standard focuses specifically on protecting personal data in cloud services. ISO/IEC 27018 compliance in software ensures that appropriate measures are implemented to safeguard personal data and maintain privacy in cloud-based environments.

Protection of Personal Data

ISO/IEC 27018-compliant software incorporates measures to protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal data stored, processed, or transmitted through cloud services. It includes data access, storage, retention, and disclosure controls, ensuring that personal data is handled securely and complies with applicable privacy regulations.

Transparency and Control

ISO/IEC 27018 software compliance emphasizes transparency and gives individuals control over their personal data. It includes provisions for informing individuals about the collection, use, and disclosure of their data and their rights to access, correct, and delete their information. This compliance ensures that individuals have visibility and control over their personal data stored in the cloud.

Compliance with Privacy Regulations

ISO/IEC 27018-compliant software helps organizations maintain compliance with privacy regulations. It provides guidelines for addressing fundamental privacy principles, such as consent, purpose limitation, data minimization, and lawful processing of personal data. This compliance demonstrates an organization’s commitment to protecting personal data and complying with privacy regulations.

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