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Per Site Count / Per Year Licensing

Per Site Count / Per Year Licensing

Per Site Count/Per Year Software Licensing: Annual Subscription Model Based on Site Usage

Per site count/per year software licensing is an annual subscription-based pricing model where users pay a fixed fee for 12 months based on the number of sites or installations where the software is utilized. This licensing model offers flexibility and cost control by aligning software costs with the number of sites.

Site-Based Pricing

In per site count/per year software licensing, users are charged based on the number of sites or installations where the software is utilized. Each site has its own licensing fee, allowing businesses to pay only for the sites that require software access, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Annual Subscription

With per-site count/per year licensing, users secure an annual subscription for the software. This allows businesses to ensure continuous access to the software and its features for an entire year, eliminating the need for frequent renewals and providing cost predictability.

Cost Efficiency and Control

Per site count/per year, software licensing promotes cost efficiency and control. Businesses have the flexibility to allocate software expenses directly to the sites that require software access. This ensures that costs accurately reflect the software usage, optimizing budget allocation and cost management.

Flexibility in Site Management

Per site, count/per year licensing offers flexibility in site management. Users can easily add or remove sites as needed, adjusting their subscription based on changes in site requirements. This allows organizations to adapt their software access to evolving needs and optimize their site-based software investment.

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