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Facebook is a social networking company founded in 2004.
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Facebook is a social networking corporation founded in 2004 by Dustin Moskovitz, Mark Zuckerberg, and Eduardo Saverin. The company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California, provides various social networking services and goods, such as the Facebook platform, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Oculus VR. Users can communicate with relatives and friends on Facebook, post pictures and videos, and find new products and services.

Solutions offered by the Company


Instagram is a social media site where users may follow other users, exchange photographs and videos, and find new products and services.


WhatsApp is a messaging program that enables users to make voice and video conversations, send text messages, and deliver voice messages.


Users of the messaging application Facebook Messenger can engage in audio and video conversations, send texts, and deliver voice messages.

Workplace by Facebook

Facebook has created a tool called Workplace for companies and organizations to connect and work together.


News Feed

A stream of updates from favorite pages, friends, and other users is shown in the Facebook App News Feed.


Facebook Messenger app can be used to connect with friends and family and share different types of media content.


Pages on Facebook social media apps help companies, groups, and public personalities engage with their audience and spread brand knowledge.

SaaS Solutions From Facebook:

Connect with people worldwide using Facebook Messenger, the versatile messaging platform by Facebook. Enjoy instant messaging, voice and video calls, photo and video sharing, and seamless payments. With over 2.96 billion active users, Facebook Messenger has
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