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Digital Experience | Bonus Pillar 4 Support | Lesson 2 Certificates

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Learn about certificate options to support your digital experience journey.

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Certificates can be a great way to get very advanced knowledge on a particular subject in a digital experience. You could get certified on kind of building it out and consulting around it, or even implementing and working with the software itself, but nonetheless the learning path that you can get from a certificate can be a very in depth. Hands on experience where you can actually leave with some real world knowledge and knowing how to build this out, what you need to do to support it, and how you can grow and maintain it. Another great part of certificates is a lot of them can lead into more advanced certificates. So you could start with something basic that’s maybe just a fundamentals on what’s going on within a digital experience or with a particular piece of software, but then from there you might be able to. Go into more in depth certificates that allow you to expand on the knowledge that you’ve just learned. It’s going to open up all kinds of doors for being able to build out either a more robust digital experience or even moving down different career paths. As a professional, you would be able to then show off these certificates so that you can really show what it is that you understand. This can help you to become a thought leader in the space and being able to really exemplify how this digital experience works or how. These particular software works and what it means for different organizations. And then if you’re a business, these certificates can actually be pretty huge. Being able to take your team and skill them up with different certificates means that you can start to advertise that. You can talk about how you have all of these professionals on staff, and some cases you can even list that on your business and show it on a web page, put it on marketing materials. In other cases, certain certificates can even lead to. Different alkylates that you can give on to your business. For example, a lot of IT companies, when they have professionals in Microsoft that get certified in different fields, it allows them to take advantage of different competencies, which gives them the ability to show off their company and show what they’re able to do and exemplify the knowledge that they have and how they can really help others. Other times too, if it’s within your own organization and you’re not using a third party, you can even use it. New show clients how much you really care how much effort your company has put into this digital experience and what it means to you in maintaining that digital experience. So next we will move on and talk about professionals.

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