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FreedomSelf is a habit tracker providing daily insights and support for people to reach their goals.
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Everyday we all experience various information strategies. Most of which get us to make a purchase or comply with a social norm. With these things in place, they help life to go on as we know it. We can also see the power of these strategies. Companies spend a lot of money every year to build an experience of their brand. This experience extends from the ads in market to the training and processes used by customer service representatives.

Freedom Self was created to explore how a digital experience can be used in the self-help space. For starters, users can select an affirmation to subscribe to. The logic here being familiarity, a brand may have several interactions with a customer before making a conversion. This is where affirmations come into play. Someone seeing the same affirmation repeatedly can have a positive impact on their life. What is interesting is the technology behind both strategies is very similar.

When a user subscribes to an affirmation they can have aspects of the affirmation delivered through different mediums or routes of delivery. In this way the delivery is similar to the way a company advertises and connects with it clients.

The other strategy to FreedomSelf is connection, with the logic here functioning the same as a sales team. Sales teams interact with customers to foster business relationships at all layers of a company. Some sales teams assist in bringing on new accounts while others grow existing relationships. On FreedomSelf coaches can build profiles and use a social network to connect with other users. This way coaches can interact with users and assist them in various goals.

Search engine optimization is a huge component of a brand’s interaction with customers. This organic growth helps brands meet clients when they are searching for a solution to a problem or looking to learn something new. FreedomSelf allows coaches to publish their own content on FreedomSelf. This way coaches can exercise their expertise and relate to clients.

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