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Digital Experience | Bonus Pillar 4 Support | Lesson Introduction

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Introduction to support options when it comes to building a digital experience.

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So in this first bonus pillar, we’re going to look at some ways and places that you can go to get support and being able to understand a digital experience and how you can use it into your organization. So the first thing is doing what you’re doing now and learning about it and we’ll go in a bit more in depth into that and what that means with digital experience. You can also work towards getting certified, which can open up the door even more, can allow you to fully work within some of the systems. Or if you’re excited about digital experience, it can even open up some different career paths. And we’ll also talk about professionals and what they add and mean to the digital experience, in some cases bringing professionals on board. Can be an amazing way to grow and get support in your digital experience. So with that, let’s move into the first part where we’ll talk about places to learn.

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