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Digital Experience | Intro To Course | Lesson Recap

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Here we recap part 1 of the course.

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Awesome. Let’s recap this section and then we’ll talk about next steps before moving on to the next pillar. So in this section, we talked about the company experience and the various aspects involved like location, communication, the resources and services. Next, we talked about what we need to think about in order to design an experience and what experience design is. So we looked at all the different aspects that we want to include stakeholders and how we can engage them through emotions using things like consani engineering and that the whole thing is really focused on movement and moving stakeholders through the experience and keeping them engaged. And we talked about layering in the digital world and what devices and how they impact the digital experience. For the experience of our company, we talked about technology and its role and then how we can start to use things like automation and get insights into the experience that we’re offering. Last, we covered the experience economy and how it’s the economic stage that we’re in right now, how it’s all about serving emotions and how all companies are impacted by this experience economy. For the next steps in this section, there is a reflection in the workbook. Ask yourself the questions and go through the reflection and it’ll help you get some deeper insights about the things that we just talked about and how they might apply to your business and organization. Once you’re done, we’ll see you in the next pillar.

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