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Digital Experience | Bonus Pillar 5 Getting Started | Lesson Recap

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This video recaps the information covered in the getting started section.

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Let’s take a look at what we went over in this last pillar. So we talked about understanding your outcomes and what that means for getting started in a digital experience. Knowing what it is that you want to get out of the digital experience will help you and understanding where to get started and how you would go about getting started, knowing what the companies outcome is and what the company. Desire is can help make sure that you’re minimizing the scope of any software or experience you want to bring about. Same is true for the business unit. Knowing what it is that the business unit is looking to accomplish, what the goals are of that business unit can really help in bringing about an experience that is best for the business unit and the company. And you’re not just, you know, seeking something that’s the new shiny toy on the street. You’re actually getting stuff that’s going to be very valuable and helping that business. You may reach its goals. And then last we talked about resources and what resources mean for your digital experience, making sure that you have the resources on hand and what resources you need to bring about in order to build out the digital experience that you want. So for some next steps. Go ahead and look at the reflection. The Reflection Guide and workbook will have some insights that you can use in order to know where you can get started with your digital experience. And last we will go ahead and sum up this course in the final section.

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