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Digital Experience | Bonus Pillar 4 Support | Lesson 3 Professionals

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In this video, you will learn about the benefit of professionals when building a digital experience.

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So let’s talk about professionals and what that can mean for your digital experience and getting some support. SO1 professionals can be an amazing resource. They can actually be quite huge for your organization, can also come with some cost. Professionals can be quite expensive or quite expensive and experience depending on what it is that you’re having them do or what. Level professionals you’re looking to go for, but nonetheless they can provide some insights with some things that they have seen or what they have experienced by working in a particular field or with a particular piece of software. They can also provide a very long term solution for your organization or they could even be a short term solution. You can hire them full-time if you really wanted to bring them on and keep fostering and building out this experience all the time. They can be a great way to help. You know, make it keep going and through maintenance. If you were looking for more of a short-term path with experience professionals, you could look at freelancing. Freelancing can be a way to bring a professional in, get some insights as to what’s going on with the organization, use some of their skill sets. But then you’re not having to take on the risk of bringing on a full time employee and dealing with some of the factors that can go into that. But again, if you did want to, you can always bring them on to staff. Having staff in a digital experience or in different parts of software can be great in getting support. So this means that at anytime you essentially have somebody that you can go to, you don’t need to make sure that their schedule is going to work for them to show up to your organization. You know that you essentially have them on hand to help you whenever you need to. So yes, professionals can be quite expensive in some of these regards, but there’s quite a bunch of different ways that you can use them. And especially if you are a larger organization and are able to fully utilize them, then you can do some really cool things with the digital experience and being able to work with different users. So now in the next part we will go ahead and recap pillar form and places of getting support for your digital experience.

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