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Recap video on the entire digital experience course.

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Hey, thank you for your time and visiting this course. I hope you got quite a bit out of it and are able to move forward and building out the digital experience that you want to bring about. In this course. We cover different things such as like the users and what users mean or the stakeholders in our digital experience and how we want to make sure that we’re meeting their needs and that we’re able to foster a digital. Experience that helps them be more in tune with the organization and helps them grow and really want to work with the organization through the experience that they’re dating. We talked about different phases of the organization and how we’re always moving from one part to the next, how that can then be broken down into different funnels, how those funnels can then be broken down into different business processes. And with those business processes, we can come in, look at how to digitize them and build out. The digital experience, we looked at the data and how the data is essentially the underlying lifeblood of our digital experience. It allows us to take everything from the physical world through devices and software and build it out into a digital experience that we can then build very robust experiences for all kinds of stakeholders, both internal and external, and our organization. And then last, we went over 2 bonus pillars where we looked on some resources and ways to get. Started. And then we also looked at how you can look at the organization and yourself to know where to get started. I’m Ryan hockinson. I hope you enjoyed this course. Feel free to follow me on LinkedIn or any of my other social media channels, and I look forward to seeing you in my next course.

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